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Minnesota employers gain experience by hiring older workers

Experience Works, a national non-profit organization operating the Senior Community Service Employment Program in Minnesota, helps older job seekers put their best foot forward to attract the attention of employers.

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Through customized training, participants can increase their use of technology so they can apply for jobs online and incorporate it on the job.

The organization also helps them hone interviewing skills and increase their self-esteem and self-confidence.

“We provide training and paid community service assignments in public and nonprofit organizations as a way to help update job skills and build confidence for unemployed older individuals who have been struggling to find work,” said Teri Stepaniak, Minnesota state manager for Experience Works.

Older individuals offer business skills gained from their many different work and life experiences, according to Stepaniak. For those who want to continue with the same kind of work, experience is the key asset they bring. For those who want to move to a new line of work, their transferrable skills are a big plus in their ability to catch on quickly and apply old and new knowledge to new settings.

“Experience Works has retrained many people who spent decades in one career and successfully transitioned to a new, completely different career,” Stepaniak said.

Businesses that encourage older workers to stay, provide retraining, publically recognize older worker contributions and encourage continuous improvement and goal achievement are among those that are most successful.

According to Stepaniak, for Minnesota to build the best possible workforce that helps employers stay competitive and profitable, all individuals should be judged on their abilities and not their birthdates.

For more information contact Teri Stepaniak at her Alexandria office at 1-855-270-9660 or Visit or connect with Experience Works on Facebook.