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Charter brings new HD channels to Alexandria customers

Charter TV, a leading broadband communications company, is adding 27 new high definition (HD) channels for customers with HD service in the Alexandria area on June 20.

These additions are part of the evolution of Charter, which includes a growing number of HD channels and on demand choices, 3D, mobile apps, online programming and more.

"We want our customers to have the best television experience on all their screens," said Melissa Morris, Charter's vice president and general manager for Minnesota. "We're committed to providing the highest quality video experience, more choice, greater reliability and additional value."

Additionally, five channels will be digitalized on June 19, moving from analog to a digital format. Digital is the most common delivery method of video, providing higher quality audio and video experiences.

A Charter digital set top receiver is necessary for most digital channels. An HDTV and a Charter HD receiver are necessary to view programming in high definition.

The fourth-largest cable operator in the United States, Charter provides broadband services such as advanced video entertainment programming, Internet access and Phone.

More than 80 percent of Charter customers already subscribe to digital video service.

"I'm confident our customers will be excited about this product evolution," Morris said. "To help every customer prepare for this transition and learn more about these new features, we have sent detailed letters to their homes, set up a special website and made members of the Charter team available in our retail centers, online and over the phone to assist with any questions."

Prior to the transition period from June 19-20, customers will receive information regarding the new HD channels and other channel changes, detailing the movement of channels from analog to digital.

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