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Lake Country Wines offers in-store wine making

Lake Country Wines is now officially open for business.

Located on the northeast corner of Bob's Adium gas station in Brandon, Lake Country Wines offers an extensive selection of concentrated grape wine kits and related equipment for the home winemaker.

The owner of Lake Country Wines, Mike Cleary, is also offering an area exclusive - in-store wine making.

Customers have the choice of purchasing kits and equipment to make their own wines at home or to use the store's equipment and make their wine on location.

Cleary said he's excited about the opportunity to introduce others to the growing hobby of home winemaking and is offering free classes and one-to-one instruction.

Making your own wine is legal and is exempt from both federal and state regulations, Cleary noted. Customers may make up to 100 gallons per year free from tax and up to 200 gallons per household. Each gallon makes about five 750/ml bottles of wine.

The wines kits offered by Lake Country Wines are all made from wine grapes grown around the world. Choices include cabernet, merlot, chardonnay, pinot and creative combinations like peach chardonnay, blackberry merlot, blueberry shiraz and green apple Gewurztraminer.

Cleary is available during regular store hours (mostly evenings and Saturdays until April 15) and by appointment. Call (320) 290-4490 or e-mail