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Alex Tech students develop application for Facebook interface

Students enrolled in the Business Web Strategist (BWEB) program at Alexandria Technical and Community College recently developed a robust Facebook application interface.

The interface was developed using ColdFusion and SQL Server, and it integrates with the existing Facebook markup language, allowing the application to use Facebook security.

The BWEB program at Alexandria Technical and Community College consists of courses that range from design and photography to database development and accounting. This broad range of subjects prepares students for the varied responsibilities of web developers in today's work environments.

Developing the application using ColdFusion was a challenge; yet it proved to students that it is possible to develop most applications using ColdFusion.

Students also set up and developed the SQL server. This process was a hands-on, collaborative effort among the second-year BWEB students.

The students commented how this project helped them develop team building skills in addition to learning the technical side of their curriculum.

Developing interfaces that will allow systems to communicate to each other and share data is one of the most important aspects of good web application development, according to the students.

The BWEB students involved in this project will graduate this spring with degrees in Business Web Strategist. While the students have very unique goals including job titles and responsibilities and geographic locations, they all felt the encompassing curriculum of the Business Web Strategist had more than prepared them for entry into their chosen careers.