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Unity Foundation brings foundation of Christ into the business world

Unity Foundation Board members (left to right) Dick Shorma, Tom Schabel and Tim Cullen discussed upcoming foundation activities.

In 2003 a few local businessmen were drawn together by a common passion for Jesus Christ and the desire to share that love with coworkers. This was the beginning of The Unity Foundation of Alexandria.

The Unity Foundation is a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status, consisting of an interdenominational group of 12 businessmen and women from the Alexandria area.

The members are engaged in a variety of businesses including manufacturing, retail, sales and marketing, and professional services.

The Unity Foundation's goal is to help members of the market place - business owners, managers, employees - by providing prayer support, programs and encouragement that are centered on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ.

Every month there is a Faith at Work breakfast and Faith at Work lunch. At both of these gatherings, speakers, including local and nationally known individuals, encourage people to share and live out their faith in Jesus Christ inside and outside their place of work.

The Faith at Work breakfast is the first Friday of every month from 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. at the Broadway Ballroom in Alexandria. Cost is $7 per person.

On the third Friday of the month the Faith at Work lunch is also held at the Broadway Ballroom. Lunch is from noon to 1 p.m.; cost is $10 per person. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend any monthly breakfast and lunch.

In October 2009, The Unity Foundation sponsored the Love and Respect Conference. There were 1,500 attendees at the Friday evening and Saturday morning conference, which focused on strengthening marriage relationships as well as other family and work relationships.

Several businesses in the Alexandria area partnered with The Unity Foundation by supporting the conference financially and by encouraging their employees to attend.

Other past conferences include a six-session video series with Dave Ramsey entitled Total Money Makeover that had 400 in attendance, and a seminar entitled The DNA of Leadership conducted by Bob Upgren.

An upcoming parenting conference, Raising Truly Great Kids, will feature speaker Tim Kimmel. The conference will be held at the Lake Geneva Christian Center Chapel starting Friday evening, April 1 and continuing Saturday morning April 2, ending by 1 p.m.

Besides providing lunches, seminars and conferences, The Unity Foundation is committed to support businesses and individuals with prayer. Any business can call on the Unity Foundation Prayer Team and they will come to your place of business to pray.

Also, any member of the Unity Foundation would be happy to meet with anyone who has a need for encouragement and prayer support.

The Unity Foundation is not a church, but has the support of the Alexandria Area Ministerial Association (AAMA ) and makes an effort to work with and for the pastors and churches in the area.

A yearly "Pastors' Appreciation Dinner" is sponsored by the foundation.

If anyone wants more information about The Unity Foundation, would like to be added to the email/mailing list or would like to request prayer, visit the website or call (320) 491-6417.