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Bethany installs laptops on patient medication carts

Contributed Christina Nessman, RN, the clinical manager at Bethany Community, showed how the new laptops work.

As part of Bethany Community's commitment to using technology in caring for seniors, laptop stations were recently installed on each medication cart.

These laptops interact wirelessly with the Ecumen network, and use Keane Net Solutions software to assist in the timely dispensation of medications.

"One of the most critical clinical functions of our operation is to provide the right medications at the right times," said Irmadene Hanson, director of nursing.

Combined with the charting solutions already in place at Bethany, these new laptops allow the nursing staff to integrate the patient chart and medication schedule during medication passes.

By doing so, Bethany Community is assured higher efficiency and increased accuracy, all while providing instant feedback into the patient chart, Hanson said.

As part of this project, eight laptops were purchased and installed on the medication carts. The project is part of a larger initiative to effectively convert all patient records and charting to electronic means, including nursing assistant charting via CareTracker and nurse charting using Keane Net Solutions.

Bethany Community is part of Ecumen, which is the state's largest non-profit senior housing and services organization. Ecumen, which is based in Shoreview, is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and operates in approximately 80 Minnesota communities, including Alexandria.