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Alexandria fire chief to attend national leadership symposium

Alexandria Fire Chief Jeff Karrow was recently awarded a scholarship to attend an international leadership symposium for volunteer fire chiefs.

It will take place November 10-15 in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

The Alexandria City Council approved the opportunity, which will not cost the city or taxpayers any money.

Only two full-ride scholarships were awarded across the nation. The cost for the symposium, including hotel and airfare, would have been $1,950.

To win the scholarship, Karrow filled out an application and answered essay questions about his leadership philosophy and how it can benefit the Alexandria Fire Department, up-and-coming officers and leaders in the department, and the city of Alexandria. He also answered questions about the goals he wanted to achieve for the fire department.

The training is the only national symposium devoted to the leaders of volunteer and combination departments. It's designed to help address the unique needs of volunteer leadership in the department, Karrow said.

"The networking opportunities will give me the chance to share ideas and solutions with colleagues from all over the country," he said.

Karrow plans to attend the following seminars:

• Learn How to Fish! (leadership lessons)

• Building a High Performance Fire Organization

• Igniting the Team: Motivating Lessons for the Service CEO

• What About Situational Leadership?

• The Last of the Volunteer Fire Chiefs

• How a Volunteer Fire Department in Turmoil Changed Course

• How Do You Keep Your Team on Target?

• Officer Development: Real World Road Map

• Who Put Me in Charge?

• Real World Performance Measures - Creating Benchmarks

• Commitment to Greatness