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Douglas County research team research about mental health

Three residents of Douglas County - John Husted, PhD, LP; Ron Severson, MSW; and Samuel Husted, BA, wrote an article that came out in June 2010, published by the Journal of Rural Mental Health.

The article studied the effectiveness and relapse potential of individuals living in four-bed foster homes in Stevens, Douglas, Pope, Big Stone and Swift counties. The study was longitudinal in nature, covering a period of more than four years.

It found that individuals living in the four-bed foster homes were much less likely to be hospitalized and, when they were, they spent significantly less time there.

It concluded that the four-bed foster homes were cost effective and that the Minnesota Department of Human Services' decision to no longer build them was, in the long run, an economic blunder since the cost for hospital beds is so high when compared to the adult foster homes, according to John Husted.

The state actually loses money when this type of client is not living in this structure and supportive type of environment, he added.