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TFC Poultry plans open house Saturday

TFC Poultry in Ashby continues to expand - and invites the public to celebrate its success.

As of the first part of February, TFC garnered a contract consisting of processing, deboning, and packaging organic spent hens.

Spent hens are egg laying hens beyond their useful, economic life. The project started off part-time, with one week of production then one week off in order to adjust various procedures, product formulations, and the plant layout.

The contract will provide consistent, year-around work for both the plant and its employees.

Once in full operation, the contract is expected to provide 750,000 birds annually, a 500 percent increase over the past two years combined.

The birds currently give work to 40 full-time employees, and that number plans to expand with an additional, smaller second shift intended to begin operation June 1.

Testing for another similar sized contract with a nearby producer is expected to begin in May or June.

In addition, TFC has secured a 50,000 bird per year customer that markets specialty organic broilers to the metro markets.

In order to thank all of the past customers and area businesses for their support, the public is invited to an open house at TFC to be held on Saturday, April 10 from 8 a.m. to 4 pm.

Lunch will be served (chicken, of course) and tours of the plant will be given. Customers will have the chance to "Pick-a-duck," with prizes ranging from free smoked chickens to buy one, get one free, and to other various retail sales.