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AT&T expands 3G network in Alexandria

AT&T has expanded its 3G mobile broadband network in Alexandria, providing area consumers and businesses access to accelerated data speeds that open the door to a new era of mobile services, devices and audio and video content.

The addition of 3G technology to area cell sites will strengthen wireless voice quality and data speeds along I-94 and State Highways 29 and 27 in the Alexandria area, according to AT&T.

In addition, the sites are equipped with battery back-up power for use in the event of a commercial power outage, the company added.

"We're delighted about AT&T's investment in wireless technology here in Alexandria," said State Representative Torrey Westrom, R-Elbow Lake, who represents part of Douglas County. "AT&T's network investment will not only give our residents access to the latest mobile communications devices and capabilities, but will provide a competitive edge to local business, enhance economic development and boost job creation."

With 3G speeds, customers can not only surf the Web and download files faster than ever, but they can also experience the latest interactive mobile applications such as live video sharing, according to AT&T.

"Residents in Alexandria will now be able to more fully utilize the latest wireless devices and capabilities such as the iPhone and BlackBerry," said Bob Bass, president, AT&T Minnesota.

For more information about AT&T's wireless coverage, visit www.wir The online tool can measure the quality of coverage based on a street address, intersection, ZIP code or landmark.